Pressure against political prisoners increase in Oroumieh

The Iranian regime has drastically stepped up pressures against political prisoners in a northwestern prison, according to Harana news agency on Wednesday.

The news agency reported that prisoners of conscience at Ward 12 of Oroumieh prison have leaked a statement to the outside, revealing some of the pressure tactics employed by the regime and asking for urgent measures by the international community and human rights organizations.

According to the statement, shortly before the execution of political prisoner Hossein Khezri at the prison, a number of other political inmates at Ward 12 were transferred to solitary confinement without any explanation.

Sometime after Mr. Khezri’s execution, the statement added, numerous challenges began to appear, including hot water shortages and refusal by regime agents to transfer ill political inmates at Ward 12 to the prison clinic for treatment.

The statement also says regime agents refuse to allow the prisoners to receive clean clothes from their families and intelligence agents closely monitor family visits while public phones have been disconnected for the past two weeks.

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