Presence of the Iranian Revolutionary guard ringleaders around camp Ashraf to identify Ashraf résidents and plan for their murder

Ashraf Occupation – No. 184

The clerical regime and terrorist Quds force practically have taken over governance of Ashraf area

 Brigadier General Hossein Hamedani, one of the criminal ringleaders of the  Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), acknowledged that he has personally gone to the Ashraf area for identification and preparation for an attack on Ashraf.

During an interview on Dec. 22 2011with Quds, the IRGC news agency, Hamedani tinkered a bunch of vulgar lies said : «the MEK is trapped in Camp Ashraf, desperate and displaced … and ready for any crime in order to survive … those who are repentant could not come out the camp because of the barbed wires, mined fields and gullies. » He then acknowledged : « I have seen these myself. »

The explicit acknowledgement of this guard shows clearly that it is the clerical reigme and the terrorist Quds force that design the attacks to slaughter  Ashraf residents. In the past weeks and months, a large number of the Quds force officers were patrolling and trying to identify the area.

At the same time 400 agents of the Iranian regime’s intelligent ministry have been deployed in certain building complex in the north part of camp Ashraf. These buildings were occupied by the Iraqi forces since the attack on April 2011.  Thus, the clerical regime and its terrorist Quds force practically rule in the Ashraf area.

Before the massacre of Ashraf residents on April 8 2011, commanders of the terrorist Quds force together with the Iraqi army intelligence officers in dark glassed patrol cars had begun patrolling and identifying various areas of Ashraf. They were present and participated in the attack and murder on April 8, and on the scene they spoke Farsi.

Brigadier General Hamedani who was appointed as the commander of Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards in 2009, was placed in the sanction list of the EU last April. He was banned from travelling to European countries and his assets have been blocked by the EU. He has a criminal role in the suppression of the uprisings in 2009 and 2010.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 23, 2011

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