Preparing attack on Ashraf by Iraqi military commanders on the order of Maliki

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 173

• The presence of Diyala operations and Iraqi Army Fifth Division commanders, along with police  commanders from the Interior Ministry at the scene for reconnaissance by dozens of military vehicles

NCRI – On Friday December 9, 2011, a column of Diyala operations and Iraqi Army Fifth Division commanders, along with police commanders from the Interior Ministry gathered outside the perimeter of Camp Ashraf for reconnaissance and planning to attack Ashraf, and to adapt operational plans with the situation on the ground.

This column, accompanied by 22 military vehicles, started to photograph and videotape all external and internal sides of Ashraf. On the order of Maliki, they are getting ready for attack at the end of illegal deadline of December 31st (Pictures attached).

The April 8, 2011 attack was commanded by Lieutenant general Gheidan, the commander of Iraqi ground forces. He is under investigation by a Spanish court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against international community.

Maliki’s order for attack comes at a time when it has been three months that he has prevented the start of the UNHCR work in Ashraf to register and confirm refugee status of Ashraf residents in order to resettle them in third countries. Last September, UNHCR declared Ashraf residents as concerned people and asylum seekers under the protection of international law, and Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, asked Maliki for at least a six month extension of the deadline so that UNHCR can do its work.

Alejo Vidal Quadras, the European Parliament’s Vice President and the head of International Committee in Search of Justice, representing more than 4000 parliamentarians in various countries, as well as Struan Stevenson, the president of the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with Iraq have indicated that Ashraf residents have no other choice than to resist in self-defence against an attack at behest of Khamenei and carried out by Maliki. This will be the third and biggest attack on Ashraf defenceless residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 10, 2011

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