Political prisoners with Camp Liberty relatives suffer ongoing abuses

NCRI – Political prisoners with relatives in Camp Liberty are being subjected to increasing abuses of their basic human rights, according to reports from inside the regime.

Death row prisoner Ahmad Daneshpour has been refused treatment for intestinal cancer because judges have declared him to be ‘Mohareb’, meaning an enemy of God.

Mr Daneshpour went into coma on January 11 after a severe tetanus attack and was immediately transferred to a hospital, but was returned to his cell the following day before proper treatment could be carried out.

Officials have also said he has no right to a lawyer because he is on death row.

Prisoner Dr Hani Yazarlou – also a prisoner during Shah’s reign and the 1980s – has been banished to Vakil Abad Prison in the city of Mashhad where he is being kept with death row criminals and mentally ill prisoners, and being denied treatment for a heart problem.

Political prisoner Motahareh Bahrami spent several weeks in hospital for severe heart problems but was forced to return to prison without completing her treatment.

Mrs Bahrami suffers from severe pain in the vertebrae, neck and legs due to long term imprisonment and torture, and has difficulty walking, according to reports.

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