Political prisoners in Iran commemorate anniversary of 1988 massacre

On the 22nd anniversary of the mass execution of political prisoners in 1988 at the hands of the Iranian regime, political prisoners at Evin Prison commemorated the memories of the victims by holding a special ceremony on Friday.

The ceremony was called “A Night with Khavaran,” referring to Khavaran cemetery where some of the victims are buried in mass graves. More than 30,000 dissidents, a majority of whom were supporters of the main opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), were executed in groups in the Summer of 1988 by the clerical regime.


Political prisoners at Ward 350 recited poems and sang resistance anthems. Some of those who survived the massacre also recounted past stories and honored the memory of the slain.

According to a report obtained from Ward 350, the prisoners condemned the 1988 killings, describing it as a humanitarian and national catastrophe. They also denounced the issuing of heavy sentences against the massacre’s current survivors who are still imprisoned as well as against other political prisoners and said these death sentences are the continuation of the crimes committed by the regime in the 1980s.

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