Plot by Mullahs’ Embassy and Ashraf Committee to assemble agents around Ashraf next Friday

Unable to confront the Iranian people’s nationwide uprisings, the Iranian regime is looking to overcome the crises by increasing suppression and pressures on Ashraf. In this regard, the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the Ashraf Suppression Committee intend to carry out a joint plot to assemble elements of the mullahs and hired Iraqi agents around Ashraf on Friday, 18 February 2011, to depict that the locals in this region demand the expulsion of Ashraf residents. These measures are implemented to prepare the grounds for another human catastrophe. Some of these hired agents are to have placards with this writing that “We demand the expulsion of PMOI from Iraq”, signed with the name of any one of the regions around Ashraf.

Among the organizers of the February 18 show are two notorious agents of the terrorist Quds Force by the names of Sheikh Jabbar al-Ma’mouri and Khalis’ governor Odei Khadhran. On February 14, 2011, in a session held in Khalis, Al-Ma’mouri ordered Iranian regime’s agents to get ready for this mission. In the session he said that the Iranian embassy is gravely concerned about the widespread international, Arabic and Iraqi support for the PMOI; especially since the PMOI has revealed the Iranian regime’s meddlings in Iraq. He continued to say that we have to demand the expulsion of the PMOI from Iraq and impose such pressure on Ashraf that would halt all their activities. Al-Ma’mouri concluded that finally we would attack them under the pretext that they should be expelled from Iraq.

This agent, along with a number of other hired thugs and agents of the Iranian regime, attacked Ashraf residents on January 7, 2011 by hurling stones, sticks and Molotov Cocktails leaving 176 residents injured, including 91 women.

The Iranian embassy has informed its elements that all coordinations have been made with the Ashraf Suppression Committee, and that the Iraqi military and security forces stationed in Ashraf will provide all the facilities and accommodations in running this show. Maliki’s office has ordered the Diyala Operations Command, the commander of Diyala Police, and the Governor of Khalis to take all measures to facilitate the transportation of the agents on Friday. The embassy has also assured the agents that it shall provide all services; including loudspeakers, generators and food; and that there is no need for concern.
Maliki, facing increasing popular protests, has increased suppressive measures against Ashraf to gain the consent of the religious fascism ruling Iran to stabilize his shaky status.

The Iranian Resistance raises the attention of the United Nations Secretary General, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Iraq, the US Ambassador and the commander of the US Forces in Iraq to the plots and suppressive and provocative measures of the Iraqi forces against Camp Ashraf residents. It requests a permanent stationing of a UN monitoring team in Ashraf and the protection of this team by the US forces.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 16, 2011


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