Phones disconnected at Evin prison on protest anniversary

NCRI – Telephone lines at some sections of Evin Prison, including a ward where clerics are held, were disconnected on Tuesday prior to November 4 anniversary of last year’s nationwide protests.

According to the Human Rights news agency in Iran, families who inquired about the issue did not receive any answers, but on Thursday, one of the regime’s agents at the prison told some of them staging a protest gathering in front of Evin, “We don’t have any precise information in this regard, but we think the phone lines were probably disconnected due to the recent rainfall.”

The regime feared more protests on November 4 in Tehran, and usually cuts off prisoners’ contact with the outside world, later blaming it on “uncontrollable occurrences,” according to the news agency.

In recent days, phones at the women’s ward and the clerics’ ward, where Ayatollah Boroujerdi is among the prisoners, were disconnected.

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