Pentagon Iran report: Anti-MEK campaign a major part of MOIS spy network .

NCRI – According to a report produced by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office(CTTSO) on Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) , anti-MEK psychological warfare has been one of the main objectives of the MOIS since the 1991 Persian Gulf War against Iraq. The report is recently published by the Library of Congress Federal Research Division.

The 64 pages report underscored: “MOIS recruited former members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) in Europe and used them to launch a disinformation campaign against MEK.”
According to the investigation of the US Library of Congress that was released in December 2012, Tehran “recognized MEK as a threat” and its “intelligence apparatus consider MEK the most serious dissident organization.” According to the report, even though the MOIS has launched an extensive anti-MEK psychological warfare, “but MEK nonetheless has remained a viable organization.”
According to the report, in its campaign against the MEK, the MOIS recruits non-Iranians as well as Iranians for cooperation. The report specifically cites the case of Anne Singleton, a British subject and her Iranian husband, Massoud Khodabandeh, who have been cooperating with the MOIS for years as a relevant example

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