Parliament Strongly Denounces Human Rights Violations in Camp Ashraf a& Camp Liberty

04 : 38 PM – 24/05/2012
Manama, May 24. (BNA) – The Representatives Council has condemned in the strongest terms the Iraqi regime’s serious violations of human rights at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, as a result of the pressure and blatant interference of the Iranian regime.
The Parliament also strongly denounced the Iraqi Authorities’ ill-treatment of refugees and the low level of health services provided for them at the camps which lack basic human requirements, stressing that the transfer of the residents of Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty is an illegal move that violates international norms.

In a statement issued today, the Representatives Council urged the Iraqi regime to adhere to international conventions and resolutions related to refugees and asylum-seekers and provide them with the necessary services, facilities, safety and protection guaranteed by international law and human practices.
It also called upon the United Nations, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the European Union, human rights organisations and NGOs to respond to the grave violations of human rights committed by the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government in order to force them to honour their commitments regarding human rights, put an end to illegal practices against Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran, stop transferring refugees immediately and formally recognize Camp Liberty as a refugee camp under international protection.


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