Outbreak of dangerous diseases in Camp Liberty underscores residents return to Ashraf

Brutal medical siege, lack of minimum medical specialties and equipment at Iraqi clinic, prevention of transfer of residents’ medical equipment from Ashraf , and lack of free access for the residents to medical services, inflicts more casualties in Liberty

NCRI – On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, a Camp Liberty residents with symptoms of internal bleeding was sent to a Baghdad hospital by the Iraqi physician at camp’s clinic as an emergency case.

The day before, Mansour Koufei also referred to the camp’s clinic while suffering from severe internal bleeding, but due to lack of minimum medical necessities, he passed away right there after vomiting about three liters of blood. According to physicians, his death was probably due to hemorrhage fever which its incidence occurs in polluted areas and environments with poor hygiene standards.

On March 5th, National Council of Resistance of Iran informed of some cases of infectious meningitis due to explosions of missile attack on Liberty.

Specialist doctors consider the outbreak of this dangerous disease as an emergency hygienic condition of the camp and activation of various microbes due to tilting the ecologic balance because of missile attack on Liberty.

During past months and after two rainfalls, overflow of sewage tanks has caused pollution in the camp because of very poor infrastructures, especially sewage system.

What makes this condition even more dangerous is the continued inhuman medical siege that has been imposed on Ashraf residents for more than four years.

The latest case was the death of Mansour Koufei on March 12 at the Iraqi clinic in Liberty. So far, Liberty residents and their representatives have repeatedly warned U.S. and UN officials, especially World Health Organization, regarding unacceptable hygienic condition of Liberty and lack of medical equipment in the camp.

Denial of medical facilities and cover ups by SRSG Martin Kobler

On the one hand, Liberty residents are denied minimum medical facilities which they had in their own clinic at Ashraf and the GOI prevents their transfer to Liberty, and on the other, the Iraqi clinic in Liberty lacks minimum necessities and preliminary equipment needed to take care of emergency cases, and the residents have no free access to medical services.

This clinic does not have suction apparatus, airway tube, laryngoscope set and endotracheal tube, D.C shock device, Adrenalin and Zantac injection, IVG-tube, CV Linen set and many other requirements that could be found in any small clinic.

By making lies and deception, Martin Kobler tried tens of times to represent the Iraqi clinic as a well-equipped medical center. UNAMI under his supervision wrote in a completely false report in December 2012, “A medical facility is staffed by an Iraqi doctor. Ambulances are on constant standby.”

Prior to first group of residents moving to Liberty, he wrote on 15 February 2012, “Residents in need of specialized medical and hospital treatment will be directed to these institutions by the Iraqi doctors in the medical clinic in CL. The residents will bring their medical equipment to CL.”

Nevertheless, despite repeated insistences by the residents, no equipment was allowed to be taken to Liberty.

On February 6, Kobler impudently wrote in his letter, “Sometimes liberty residents are not aware of the medical support offered by the Iraqi clinic. … Residents think that the government of Iraq restricts the medical service. … I would like to request you to arrange that every resident is well informed about the Iraqi medical facilities and the provided services in the camp, should they choose to go.”

When the goal is to fulfill the bidding of religious fascism and its puppet government, there is no limit to impudence and lies.

Reiterating that in addition to lack of security, critical hygienic conditions, polluted environment, outbreak of infectious diseases, and unexploded missiles have made Liberty uninhabitable and puts the safety of residents at jeopardy in a growing manner, Iranian Resistance calls on the U.S. government and UN again to take immediate action to return Liberty residents to Camp Ashraf . This is the only option to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, either due to missile and mortar attacks by the Iranian regime and GoI, or because of outbreak of dangerous diseases.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 14, 2013

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