Opening passage ways to Ashraf for further attacks and obstructing the European plan

Ashraf military occupation – No.110

Since Wednesday morning, June 1, a number of commanders of Iraq’s 5th division, including a staff major general, commander of the engineering battalion, and the intelligence officer went to Ashraf by orders of the Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf residents in order to open some passage ways in the berm and fence of Ashraf.

Subsequently, yesterday afternoon, division’s engineering battalion opened 10 passage ways in the berm, barbed wire, and fence of Ashraf with the objective to facilitate access of Iraqi armored vehicles to the streets and residential areas of the camp and to make preparations for infiltration by the Iranian regime or probable attacks by the Iraqi forces.

Since the meeting of president of European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq with President-elect of the Iranian Resistance which led to Ashraf residents welcoming the European solution for Ashraf followed by endorsement from the international community, the Iranian regime has begun its opposition to defeat this plan. The Iranian regime has mobilized its intelligence ministry, the Qods Force, its embassy in Baghdad, and its elements in Iraq for the purpose. It has directed its embassy in Baghdad to communicate its will to the Iraqi government that it should oppose any plan that is not under the complete control of the Iraqi government.

One of the instruments employed by the Iranian regime to defeat and divert attentions from the peaceful and long-term European solution it is to organize fresh attacks and intrusions; another tool is to offer amnesty.

Immediately after the declaration of the European plan, the Iranian minister of intelligence Moslehi stated: “We in the Islamic Republic of Iran welcome the return of Monafeqin elements that are remorseful of their deeds.” He shamelessly assumed responsibility for the intelligence agents who under the pretext of relatives have been psychologically torturing the residents for the past sixteen months saying, “Families of these people come to us and ask to enter this base to speak with their relatives in order to return them to Iran.” (Kayhan daily of May 12, quoting ISNA state news agency of May 11) A few days later he went on to say that if Ashraf residents “repent… they will be treated according to laws governing the judicial system… in fact there is nothing to obstruct their admittance to the Islamic Republic.” (Iranian regime’s state media of May 16)

Previously, Danaifar, a commander of the terrorist Qods Force and regime’s ambassador in Iraq, had declared: “Barring 100 with judicial dossiers, all residents of Ashraf are forgiven as far as we are concerned; they can return to our beloved country.”

This nonsense is while the clerical regime has imprisoned hundreds of Ashraf residents’ families just for their kinship; three of them were executed last December and January and a father of one of the residents was gradually tortured to death in March by depriving him of medical services.

Declaration of amnesty or welcoming of Ashraf residents, much like the amnesty declared by the Syrian dictator while massacring Syrian youth and children, only doubles the wrath and disgust of our people against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 2, 2011



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