Opening Ashraf’s fence by Iranian regime’s intelligence agents and Iraqi forces aimed at penetrating into Ashraf

On Saturday, January 22 at midnight, a group of the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), supported by the Iraqi forces under the command of Iraqi Prime Ministry commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Nazar and Lieutenant Haydar Azab Mashi, two known agents of the Iranian regime, opened 15 meters of Ashraf’s perimeter fence at the southern flank of the camp in the dark. The goal was to infiltrate the terrorists and the agents of the terrorist Qods Force into Ashraf to carry out criminal operation and massacre of the residents in their next step. Part of the fence which was torn apart is close to the residence of the female residents of Ashraf and the warehouses of the residents.


The day after, when the residents learned about the incident, they started to repair and fix part of the fence that had been destroyed. LTC Nazar dispatched a group of its forces to the scene to prevent the residents from reinstalling the fence. The forces assaulted and beat some of the residents. On Sunday, January 23, Nazar spent a long time with the MOIS agents.

In another earlier failed attempt, early Saturday night, January 22, with the help of Iraqi forces, a number of MOIS agents tried to open part of the eastern fence, however, they could only break or bend a number of the stands of the fence. At the same time LTC Nazar, LT Haydar and a group of their armed forces went to the eastern flank by three armored HUMVEEs and a number of other vehicles in order to protect the MOIS agents.

Iraqi forces threatened Ashraf residents that they would open the fence and enter Ashraf. The HUMVEEs and the soldiers stayed at the eastern flank until Sunday morning.

On Friday, January 21, Iraqi forces under Iraqi Prime Minister’s command cut into pieces, destroyed and stole an artistic and cultural work of Ashraf residents. This artistic work that symbolized the Phoenix of Freedom had been made of iron and glass a few years ago and installed at Ashraf’s entrance by the residents. Iraqi Battalion in charge of protection of Ashraf stole pieces of this symbol using different machineries and crane during night time. Earlier on December 26, Iraqi forces stole a crane, flatbed and other items belonging to the residents after beating the residents. These items are still in custody of the Iraqi forces.

The Iranian Resistance warns against suppressive measures and ominous intentions of Iraqi forces and the MOIS agents that are preparing the grounds for a new attack against Ashraf residents, and asks the US Embassy in Baghdad, the US forces, and UNAMI’s monitoring team to be stationed in Ashraf in order to prevent recurrence of a new human catastrophe.  

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 24, 2011

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