Obstruction of Iraqi forces in allowing entry and exit of sewage tankers makes the dire sanitary situation of Camp Liberty more critical

Camp Liberty No. 72

On Friday February 1, the Iraqi forces under the Iraq’s Prime Ministry, in an inhumane act ordered by Sadeq Mohammad Kazem, were obstructing the entry and exit of sewage tankers. Considering the dire situation of black water tanks in Liberty and continuous rain, this act causes the overflow of black water tanks and their rupture, and severe contamination of the area.
Following the rainfall of yesterday and last night (Monday, January 28), which is still continuing, water has covered large parts of Camp Liberty once again. Due to the lack of necessary infrastructure and lack of paved or concrete roads, commuting in many parts has become impractical or faces serious problems.

Moreover, Sadeq Mohammad Kazem has prevented the work of civil sewage tankers and their entry to the camp, which has added to the severity of the situation.
These obstructions are happening while due to Liberty flooded area in recent days, overflow of black water tanks quickly spreads to various parts of the camp and contaminates a large area. This has increased the risk of infectious diseases and has dire consequences for the residents’ health.
Lack of sanitation service vehicles has created a big problem in draining the sewage. The Iraqi government on one hand does not allow the residents to transfer their service vehicles from Ashraf to Liberty, and on the other hand the existing vehicles are worn out due to high usage. Spare parts for these vehicles that were sent from Ashraf to Liberty last week after several rounds of talks and the agreement of the Iraqi government, were not allowed to get into Liberty and were sent back to Ashraf by Sadeq Mohammad Kazem on January 28.
The situation of Liberty in recent days shows again that the Temporary Transit Location (TTL) project has failed and the only solution, as the residents have insisted, is the return to Ashraf.
The Iranian resistance calls for immediate action by the United States government and the United Nations due to their responsibility about the security and well being of the residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 2, 2013

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