NY hotels refuse to host Ahmadinejad

The Iranian regime’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has found it extremely difficult to reserve rooms in New York City hotels that usually accommodate world leaders. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to attend a UN General Assembly meeting next week in New York.

Weary of facing the same level of difficulty in reserving hotels as last year, the clerical regime had ordered its permanent representative at the UN since July to start searching for hotels and use all necessary means to reserve rooms.

But, despite the extensive efforts and investments by Ahmadinejad’s deputy chief of ceremonies, prominent hotels in New York have refused to host the clerical regime’s president.

Mohammad Torshizi, the regime’s permanent representative at the UN has told Tehran in a report, “In view of some political issues, it is very difficult to find hotels for the Islamic Republic. The permanent UN representative office has with extreme difficulty succeeded in reserving rooms at Hilton in Manhattan, but we cannot count on it until the day we are actually there because pressures can lead to cancellation. Of course, the hotel has limited space and is small. It is not meant for the presidency.”

The regime’s UN envoy is reportedly working even harder to keep the reservation in the small Manhattan hotel a secret, fearing a backlash by New York residents against the hotel’s management as there is widespread anger in the city against Ahmadinejad’s visit.

Last year, a dinner reservation ostensibly booked by a small university group for Ahmadinejad at Helmsley was cancelled after the management found it was actually for the mullahs’ president.

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