No legal excuse to confiscate Ashraf Camp’s residence money, MP

BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq ,5 May: Head of Parliamentary Economy and Investment Commission Ahmed al-Alwani stated that “there is no legal excuse permits the government or otherwise to confiscate Ashraf Camp residents’ money, because such actions are governed by international accords as refugees according to Geneva IV agreement”.

He added that all the properties in the camp are their belongings and can coordinate with the United Nations to move them abroad or sell them by auctions.

Alwani pointed out that such movement is a kind of pressure imposed by Iran, through its relations with some Iraqi politicians in the present government.

Ashraf Camp residents are anti-Iranian group that took refuge in Iraq for the last three decades.
He called the United Nations to exert efforts to protect them.

The Iraqi government insisted to move them to a third country in cooperation with the United Nations.

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