Newt Gingrich: Liberating people of Iran is safest way to avoid a nuclear Iran

NCRI – Iran must be isolated, economically crushed and told its war criminals will be put on trial when the regime collapses, former US presidential candidate Newt Gringrich has told senior American officials.

The Iranian Resistance can play a key role in the collapse of the dictatorship, Mr Gingrich said.

And America should honour its pledge to protect the residents of Camp Liberty, the former speaker of the House of Representatives said.

Mr Gingrich was speaking at a conference entitled ‘The Middle East and the Plight of Iranian Refugees’ at the US Senate on March 12.

He described the ‘breath-taking dishonesty’ of the ruling mullahs and said they would never respond to negotiation, never halt their nuclear weapons program and were prepared to kill relentlessly and ruthlessly to stay in power. The alternative to  to war or simply stepping back
But he said there was an alternative to either going to war or simply stepping back and allowing the mullahs to remain in control.

He added: “No one wants to go to war. But in the absence of an alternative to war, what we get right now is self-deception.

“And I came here because I think there’s a very clear alternative to either. The choices aren’t war or surrender, it’s not war or a nuclear weapon.

“There’s a third choice. We should have a total commitment to saying anybody that engages in war crimes should be expected to be tried for them after the dictatorship falls.

“We should do everything we can to isolate the dictatorship, to reduce its economic capacity, to create the maximum level of decent in the country.

And he said a a deeply committed American effort to free the Iranian people could collapse the regime, adding: ” And it’s quite clear the MEK would play a major and decisive role as part of that.”

America’s obligation
He also stressed it was vital for America to step in and protect the residents of Liberty.

He said: “I believe we have a moral obligation to save the life of every person who gave up an armed camp that was safe because of American promises.

“The American people through their representatives made representations of safety which led the people of Camp Ashraf to go to Camp Liberty.

“I mean, the sheer hypocrisy of calling a camp liberty should tell you everything you need to know about how bad this is.

“We have an obligation to move this up on the congressional calendar and an obligation to apply pressure to the State Department and have an obligation to mobilize the American news media.”

MEK (PMOI), opportunity for freedom for Iran
He also said the attacks on Camp Liberty were not accidents but the ‘behavior of bandits’.

He added: “The Iranian dictatorship legitimately hates the The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran because the MEK stands for the end of the Iranian dictatorship and offers an opportunity for freedom of the world.

“The dictatorship knows precisely who they’re attacking. They’re attacking the people who would eliminate them as the centre of power and would create an opportunity for freedom for Iran and peace for the region.

“The regime does not want peace except on its terms and the regime does not want the government of Iran except on it’s dictatorship. So there’s not much ground for negotiating.”

Al-Maliki, a puppet of Iranian regime
Mr Gingrich also described Iraq as a ‘puppet’ of the Iranian regime.

He said: “If you watch Prime Minister Maliki it’s quite clear that we won the military war and lost the political war.

“Iraq today is functionally more an Iranian puppet than it is an ally of the United States. It’s virtually impossible to argue that the Maliki regime is more a pro American than it is pro Iranian.”

And he also urged delegates at the conference to take the threat of Iran very seriously, because its rules were utterly convinced in the beliefs.

He said: “They have a set of goals that are very real. One, to retain power at home and two, to dominate the region.

“But I believe that it is inevitable that the dictatorship will break and I think it is inevitable that the people of Iran will be liberated and I believe that liberating the people of Iran is the safest and least dangerous way to avoid a nuclear Iran.”

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