International conference on occasion of Women's Day in Paris with thousands of human rights activists

Thousands of women's equality activists support women's uprisings in Arab world and women of Iranian Resistance in camps Ashraf and LibertyNCRI - In an unprecedented conference in Paris, women who had gathered from several continents called for support for women who have risen in the Arab world to struggle against tyranny and fundamentalism and also for women of Iranian Resistance in camps Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq who are facing serious threats. This conference was convened at a time that the second group of 400 Ashraf residents has moved to Camp Liberty in Iraq.

The Church of England Newspaper, March 2, 2012, p 3. March 7, 2012

The Archbishop of Armagh and six bishops of the Church of England have endorsed a public letter printed in the Guardian last week calling for the government to forestall a tragedy in Iraqi, as the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki begins moving 3,400 Iranian political refugees from their home in Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty – “a new base that amounts to nothing more than a prison.”

On Thursday night, 8March 2012, Nour Mohammad Biranvand, a PMOI member, passed away in Ashraf after 23 years of struggle against religious fascism ruling Iran.

He who suffered from hepatic failure and due to inhumane siege on Ashraf, faced many problems in having access to specialist hospital and doctors adding to his pain and suffering. After several referrals to the hospital occupied by Iraqi forces in Ashraf and other hospitals in Baghdad and Baquba, he returned to Ashraf from Baquba Hospital on Thursday, March 8.

Following the transfer of the second group of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty, the International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) commended this courageous and responsible act by Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi and urged the US Secretary of State, UN Secretary general and EU High Representative to work for the safety and security of the people of Ashraf and their resettlement in third countries. This move is taking place while this Camp lacks the necessary human rights and humanitarian standards to house these people. Solely on the advice of Mrs Rajavi and the repeated calls by the Special Representative of Mrs Clinton and Special Representative of the Secretary General, they gave in to this relocation.

At the request of Special Representative of Secretary Clinton and Special Representative of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and their promise for attempt to fulfill minimum assurances of Ashraf residents, another 400 are moving to Camp Liberty

• Ashraf residents call on the Security Council to act to lift the restrictions as Iraqi government continues to impose restrictions and carry out unlawful interventions amongt other things in transfer of the residents’ property

The Washington Times - BY JAMES MORRISON  March 7, 2012

The Iranian resistance won another victory in a U.S. federal court this week, when a three-judge panel ruled the group has a right to a speedy hearing on its petition to be removed from the U.S. terrorist list - after nearly two years of delay by the State Department.

The judges gave the federal government until March 26 to respond to the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which was added to the list by President Bill Clinton when he was trying to open talks with the theocratic Iranian regime in 1997.

In this interview, Camp Ashraf spokesman, Shahria Kia, talks to Top Secret Writers about the volatile situation concerning Iranian exiles of Camp Ashraf.

On February 21 this year, Top Secret Writers published an article about 400 Iranian exiles being transferred from Camp Ashraf in northwest Iraq to Camp Liberty near Baghdad.

Since the 1980s, Camp Ashraf has been home to about 3,400 Iran dissidents of the exiles Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) group.

The National Law Journal 05 March 2012

Coalition urging State Department to take dissidents off terror list

Mike Scarcella

For nearly 20 months, the legal status of a dissident Iranian group has remained in limbo, mired in a U.S. State Department review of the association's official designation as a foreign terrorist organization.

A federal appeals court in Washington directed the agency in July 2010 to take another look at the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, saying the government violated the group's rights during an earlier assessment. But the agency,  almost two years later, still hasn't made a decision.

Public Service Europe - By Baroness Turner 05 March 2012
The UN's reputation will be tarnished unless there is an inquiry into the conditions at Camp Liberty and the human rights of Iranian dissidents protected, writes a member of the British House of Lords.

"To preserve the food from spoiling you use salt; what would you do when the salt itself is spoiled?" This old Persian idiom that I have learned from my Iranian friends fits well here. Usually in the international arena, whenever there is an unresolved conflict it is time for the United Nations to step in. But the question is: where does one turn when the UN and its staff become part of the problem?

HUFF POST – By David Amess - 5 March 2012
Imagine exchanging your home for a prison. Instead of the house you have known for decades, you must now live in a hut the size of a shipping container. You can take only the belongings you can physically carry, and must therefore leave almost everything behind.

In the camp to which you are headed there is no medical care for your sick relatives. Once there, the omnipresent guards will humiliate you constantly.