New suppressive base in Esfahan to counter public anger against scrapping subsidies

Simultaneous with a policy to lift subsidies and in response to a popular backlash, the Iranian regime has set up a new base of suppression in the province of Esfahan.

According to the state-run Jomhouri daily on Tuesday, the head of the public relations office of Esfahan governorship said the regime’s measure in the province takes place in line with attempts to “satisfactorily implement the plan of targeted subsidies.”

He added, “The most important step taken in this regard has been the launch of the Justice Base which has seven technical committees.”

Esmaili also said, “We are trying to prevent any offenses.”

Separately, the clerical regime’s governor in the northern province of Gorgan dismissed reports of popular protests against lifting of subsidies as rumors and said “the enemy” is plotting against the regime.

The regime’s Gorgan governor, Jafar Gorzin, described the plan to lift subsidies as “difficult and sensitive,” saying regime officials are actively “cooperating with the main intelligence office to identity the hypocrites and those who spread rumors.”

Gorzin added that resources have been allocated with the coordination of all organs and the backing of the judiciary to “create a secure framework for the implementation of the plan for targeted subisidies.”

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