“New Iraqi government will treat Ashraf residents humanely”

A senior figure in the Iraqiya political bloc and a member of the Iraqi Parliament has said that new Iraqi government will treat the residents of Camp Ashraf humanely and without heeding political considerations, the Jordanian daily al-Arab al-Yom reported on Wednesday.

Ahmad Soleiman al-Alvani was quoted by the paper as saying the Iranian regime’s pressures have led to abuses carried out towards refugees in Ashraf during the previous political era.

But, al-Alvani added, “Following the formation of the new government, dealing with the case of Camp Ashraf will not be influenced by political considerations but by Iraq’s ethical norms.”

He called for treatment of Ashraf residents as Iraq’s guests.

A-Alvani added that the residents of Ashraf are refugees and protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, but the Iranian regime pressures the Iraqi government to try and expel the residents from Iraq and to continue to lay a siege against them and to restrict medical access, food and other necessities for the residents.

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