New conspiracies of clerical regime and Maliki government against Ashraf residents

Following instructions by Saeid Jalili, Secretary of the clerical regime’s Supreme National Security Council, to Nouri al-Maliki during his recent visit to Tehran, Iraqi forces have taken new suppressive measures against Ashraf in order to lay the ground work for an attack on the residents.

1. According to a report by the mullahs’ regime’s embassy in Baghdad to the terrorist Qods force, on Thursday, December 2, Muhammad Salman, who has close relations with Maliki, in a session in Iraq’s Prime Minister’s office notified the Prime Minister’s instruction to intensify pressures on Ashraf. According to the instruction, increasing pressures on Ashraf must start once the new government is in office. Members of Ashraf Suppression Committee, Maliki’s office employees and Diyala province police chief were present in the session.

2. According to one of the items of the instruction, all sources of support for PMOI and all those who back the organization in the Diyala province as well as sheikhs, politicians, intellectuals or ordinary citizens who provide assistance to PMOI must be identified and arrested, or they must go under severe pressures to stop their support for Ashraf.

3. The Committee responsible for suppression of Ashraf , the terrorist Qods force and the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) plan to take a number of regime’s hirelings and agents in Diyala province under the guise of local sheikhs to Ashraf’s entrance and southern side in order to depict as if the Diyala inhabitants demand the expulsion of Ashraf residents, and thereby prepare the ground for attack on Ashraf.

Some of the regime’s agents have been assigned to take photos and films to be broadcast by the regime’s media outlets.

Earlier, the regime had resorted to desperate attempts to stage demonstrations and photo exhibitions against the PMOI in Diyala province, especially in the town of Khalis which only raised public rage and abhorrence. The people bluntly said that the PMOI are their friends and that they do not have any problem with them.

4. During past few days, the Iraqi forces have removed a number of watch towers around Ashraf and installed them at locations closer to the fence of the Camp. These towers were set up and paid for last year by Ashraf residents and were given to the Iraqi forces for protection of Ashraf. Previously, the towers were at their most appropriate locations for protection of Ashraf. The Iranian Resistance had previously revealed that the towers were supposed to be moved to locations closer to the fence in a bid to make the siege on Ashraf tighter and to bring more sites of Ashraf within the firing range.

In a statement on December 1, the Iranian Resistance announced that the Iraqi forces, at the presence of Nafe al-Issa, an agent of the Ashraf suppression committee in Iraqi Prime Ministry, set up a large tent with the capacity for 200 persons in the southern flank of Ashraf for MOIS agents’ gathering. Later the Iraqi forces also set up seven trailers for stationing the agents there.

Nafe al-Issa, a well-known instrument of the clerical regime’s embassy in Baghdad, is in direct contact with MOIS representative Haji Ali Navidi and Fallah Sheibani, an Iraqi employee of the Iranian regime’s embassy. On October 4, he brought a number of regime’s agents to Ashraf’s entry gate together with a number of dispatched reporters from the Iranian regime’s embassy.

Following widespread support for Ashraf residents by the people of Diyala and exposure of psychological torture of the residents at the international level including the European Parliament, the U.S. Congress and the United Nations, suppressive measures against Ashraf residents have stepped up.

Once again, the Iranian Resistance warns against the ominous objectives of the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government against Ashraf residents and preparation of the grounds for their massacre. While underlining the responsibility of the U.S. forces to protect Ashraf residents, the Iranian Resistance demands the establishment of the U.S. forces and UNAMI monitoring team in Ashraf in order to prevent a new humanitarian catastrophe.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 9, 2010

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