New clampdown on ‘improperly veiled’ women in Iran

NCRI – The Iranian regime is launching a tough new clampdown on ‘improperly veiled’ women in 200 towns and cities across the regime.

It is the latest in a series of increasingly draconian restrictions of basic human rights under Hassan Rouhani’s new ‘moderate’ rule.

Rouhani pledged during election campaign speeches that he ‘would not allow any agent to question anyone in the street’ and that ‘girls should feel secure’.

But only four months later, the Headquarters for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has announced improperly dressed women will be issued with official warning.

Cleric Hayder Zahraei, who is in charge of the nationwide plan, said: “This grand plan will be implemented in some 200 cities across the country. The plan will be expanded and fully implemented in society.”

Brig. Genral Ahmadi Moghadam, commander of the State Security Forces, also said on August 12: “With Rouhani there will be no changes with regards to the veil.”

On September 8 then issued an order to ‘intensify dealing with women who are not properly dressed’.
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