New battle positions against Ashraf residents under Maliki’s orders

Camp Ashraf military occupation – No. 55

NCRI – From Sunday, April 10, under Maliki’s orders three engineering battalions from various Iraqi Army divisions have entered camp Ashraf. Using various engineering machinery, these units are busy rapidly establishing new battle positions against the defenseless Ashraf residents. Construction of large embankments, placing numerous and lengthy concertina wires and barbed wires to restrict Ashraf residents more than before, installing barriers and concrete walls and numerous control and watch booths are some of the measures taken so far. These actions indicate Maliki’s evil intention of continuing attacks and killings in Ashraf in following stages.

The engineering battalions and repressive security and military forces on Thursday (14 April 2011) completed a 6-kilometer long embankment on the northern edge of Ashraf’s main road (100 Avenue) and installed 6 control booths in various locations of this embankment. The height of this embankment being drawn from east to west and dividing Ashraf into two sections, is three to four meters. This embankment has a width broad enough for military vehicles to commute on. These types of embankments are usually constructed in classic war fronts. This is while armored vehicles including BMP-1 and HUMVEEs stationed north of the camp continue to aim their weapons at the residents. Following the April 8 attack to this day, Maliki’s forces have left 30 more injured and beaten residents through sporadic attacks using sticks and clubs.

Considering the new battle positions being taken, Ashraf residents in all residential areas of the camp are now on a 24 hour basis under the Iraqi attacking forces’ control and range of weapons.
It appears that the New Iraq’s dictator is making preparations to impose further restrictions on Ashraf residents and additional killings and bloodshed in the future, all under orders issued by the mullahs’ regime in Iran. These systematic repressive measures are being carried out in a completely demilitarized area against a population that has no weapons at their disposal and includes 1,000 Muslim women. These actions against Ashraf residents, who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Conventions, are flagrant violations of international laws and conventions, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Jurists and international human rights organizations have demanded these war measures to be brought to an end, and all Iraqi armed forces to depart camp Ashraf’s fenced area.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 15, 2011

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