Neda’s mother: Her eyes will remain open until she obtains her goal

The mother of a young woman whose death last year became a symbol of the anti-regime uprisings in Iran has demanded the trial of her daughter’s murderer by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the International Human Rights Campaign reported on Monday.


Neda Aqa Soltan was murdered by the Iranian regime’s agents during a peaceful rally on June 20, 2009. Scenes of her death, which were captured by a cell phone and broadcast all over the world, provoked an international outcry against the clerical regime’s barbaric suppression of the protests. The Iranian regime tried to cover up the crime by producing a number of fabricated footage and outlandish documentaries to silence protests.

However, in reaction to the documentaries broadcasted on state-run TV, Neda’s mother said, “Nobody believes these lies, neither the people of Iran nor the people of the world. I know who the murderer is, but the government doesn’t accept it.”

“When I protested against a documentary that said Neda committed suicide, they replied that I should share my complaint with the media. But, what would I say in a state-run newspaper? … I replied that I know who Neda’s murderer is and that is why I will never appear on state-run TV and radio. … They discredited themselves even more by making such films.”

Ms. Aqa Soltan also recounted scenes of her daughter’s death by saying, “Neda’s eyes were open and they will always remain open until she obtains her goal. … If her eyes were closed perhaps her influence would not have been as much. It was her open eyes that shook Iran and the entire world.”

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