NCRI Statements:Rouhani: Nuclear program is national, nonpartisan, and we will not give it up

NCRI – Hassan Rohani, the new President of the Iranian regime in his first press conference after taking office emphasized on the continuation of the regime’s nuclear program, describing it as a “national and non-partisan” program.

He said the issue of uranium enrichment is not a matter of negotiations. He described the international community’s call to halt enrichment as “beyond the law, unreasonable or expired” demands.

While stressing that “existing principles in this regard will be maintained” and “we will not give it up”, Rouhani repeatedly asked for unilateral concessions from the West with respect to the nuclear program. On Syria, Rouhani described supporting the Syrian uprising against President Bashar Assad as “encouragement of terrorism” and warned Western countries not to provide any support.

While he was repeating his rhetoric on the need for negotiations and having a dialogue with the U.S. he emphasized “I did not wish …. we neither have any passion nor desire to have it.”

By fully defending his proposed ministers and referring to their record, he showed that he did not have the will or the capacity of any change within the clerical regime.

He said, “I frankly say that nobody has pressured me as the President to select anyone… All the people I have chosen are the ones I have decided. I defend categorically all ministers I have proposed. I believe them, I defend every one of them, I know them or have worked with them I was with them in the Majlis (Parliament), I was with them in the war, in the Security Council, I saw their competence closely.”

He’s right that his ministers have the highest competence and expertise in the torture, execution, warmongering, the plundering of people’s property, and the destruction of generations of Iranians and the country’s assets.

Pour Mohammadi, candidate for the Justice Department, has been engaged in crimes and massacre unabatedly for past 34 years. For one he was a member of three-member “Death Committee” and one of the highest authorities responsible for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988 who must be brought to Justice for crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 6, 2013

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