Multiple terrorist attacks in Iraq, politician warns about Iranian regime

In the midst of uprisings across the Middle East, Iraq, a country where cruelty and murders are still committed, is often forgotten, according to CNN.

On Tuesday, at least 56 people were killed in Iraq and 98 were injured. A CNN reporter was among the victims, and the terrorists wore police uniforms, according to CNN.

Separately, on Monday, two people were injured when a bomb exploded in central Baghdad. Al-Baghdadiya TV reported that the explosion happened near a hotel at Abu Navas Street and damaged nearby property and a large number of cars in the area.

A senior political figure in Iraq, Dr. Zafer al-Ani, told al-Sumariya TV that a terrorist attack in Salahuddin left 65 people dead and more than 100 injured. He said, “I believe the terrorist groups that carried out the attack do not want a secure Iraq; they want Iraq to become the Iranian regime’s back yard.”

He added, “All the evidence points to the fact that those who carry out such massacres are political parties and militias tied to the Iranian regime.”

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