Mullahs refuse to hand over Iranian-Dutch woman’s body to family

The Iranian regime is appallingly refusing to hand over the body of an Iranian-Dutch woman it executed on Friday to her family, according to human rights organizations.

Ms. Zahra Bahrami was hanged by the clerical regime on Friday. She was arrested during the 2009 mass uprisings against the regime.

The European Parliament’s President this week called the execution this week “gruesome” and “cowardly.” The Dutch foreign ministry said in a strongly-worded statement that it was shocked by the act and described the Iranian regime as “barbaric.”

According to the Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, Ms. Bahrami was reported to be defiant and brave before her hanging despite having been unaware of the regime’s intention from transferring her out of the ward.

She was taken to the gallows shortly thereafter.

On Monday, Ms. Bahrami’s daughter tried to obtain the body of her mother, but was turned away by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

Ms. Bahrami was reportedly under intense psychological and physical torture by the regime to make forced confessions on television.

Despite having been arrested for political reasons, the regime, under mounting pressure from human rights organizations and the Dutch media and government for its inhumane treatment of Ms. Bahrami, tried to justify the hanging by claiming that she was charged with possessing “drugs.”

According to statements from former UN officials, the regime is known to execute political prisoners under the pretext of petty crimes such as drug trafficking.

Following the shocking execution of Ms. Bahrami, the Dutch government announced that it has suspended diplomatic relations with the mullahs.

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