Mullah’s Parliament Member: Ahmadinejad-Khamenei conflict, expensive and painful

Government controlled website Alef reported on May2 that the crisis at the very top of the clerical regime and absence and return of Ahmadinejad was an expensive and painful event for the regime and accused Ahmadinejad’s faction of economic corruption and ideological deviations.

In an article entitled: “Return of the President after 13 days”, Alef website, owned by Ahmad Tavakkoli a member of regime’s parliament, wrote that: The day before, after 13 questionable days, the President returned to the cabinet. What happened was a historic lesson and…revealed another facet of the deviated current which is accused of economic corruption, ideological deviation, and power grabbing that attempted, and continues to attempt to distance itself from the regime’s principles and values in order to, as it mistakenly believes, add variations to its election basket.”

This government controlled media added: “The President returned, although it would have been much better if this had happened 2 weeks ago and, basically, wouldn’t have given any excuses to the regime’s opponents. Those days were not without expense for the regime and the people. In future, more thoughtfulness by officials and more steadfastness can prevent such painful events. In the last few days, some of the close associates of the President made futile attempts to distort the facts and cover the true story and misrepresent it. In this regard, it seems that silence continues to be the best option for coming out of this predicament.”

Tavakkoli’s website added: “During those days, one kept hearing undesirable news stories that broke the hearts of all who believed in the regime and the revolution. These news stories will remain in our chests, although they will not be forgotten, and perhaps they would be necessary to be reviewed in near future.”

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