Mullahs’ Minister of Intelligence speaks of Iraq’s new measures against Ashraf

Camp Ashraf military Occupation – NO. 119
Dispatching new military convoy to Ashraf, staging a press show against Ashraf in Iraq’s Defense Ministry with the presence of regime’s intelligence agents

Today, Wednesday June 29, after the cabinet meeting, Mullah Moslehi, Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence, announced: “Iraqi authorities pledged that they would take good measures soon with regard to the PMOI and Camp Ashraf situation ….Iraqi authorities have so far carried out good measures to clarify the situation of Camp Ashraf.” (IRNA, state run news agency- June 29)

Moslehi said: “We insist that the Iraqis make decision about Ashraf compound as soon as possible, and they promise to proceed in this regard soon. Of course, they have already done good measures which are admirable; some coordination has been done which we hope would result soon.”(Fars news agency, affiliated to IRGC- June 29 )
To this end Ali Agha Mohammadi, the advisor to the mullahs’ regime’s Supreme National Security Council and one of the regime’s officials involved in export of terrorism, has been in Iraq sine few days ago. According to received reports from inside of the Iranian regime, four or five agents of the Iranian regime’s ministry of intelligence, under the guise of former members of the PMOI who have recently gone from Iraq to Tehran, are supposed to be brought to a press show in Iraq’s Defense Ministry by Muhammad al-Askari, Maliki’s spokesman in the Defense Ministry to slander against Ashraf and pin the blame of April 8th attack on the PMOI.
Under circumstances that the Iraqi government prevents entry of the European Parliament and the US Congress delegations to Ashraf on the orders of the Iranian regime, and the worldwide condemnation of attack on Ashraf is ramping up, the goal behind such absurd shows is to cover crimes against humanity and international disgrace. Especially that, according to the news agencies,   Iraqi parliament’s foreign relations’ committee has accused the Iraqi government of violating the law by forming a joint committee with Iran to close down Camp Ashraf as announced by Talabani, Iraqi President, in Tehran on Saturday.
In line with these ‘good measures’ that the Intelligence minister informed of today noon in advance, a new military convoy has been dispatched to Ashraf surrounding area the goal of which is not known yet.

On April 19, after top secret documents of attack on Ashraf was disclosed in capitals of various countries, Muhammad al-Askari, Maliki’s spokesman in Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, took three newly dispatched agents  to Iraq’s state TV to whitewash the bloody hands of Maliki and his cohorts.  It is not clear what the Iraqi Defense Ministry and its spokesman has to do with “former members” or “PMOI families”.
The Iranian Resistance announced in its statement no. 70 at that time: “these three agents were handed over to Muhammad al-Askari by Sadeq Muhammad Kazem, deputy of the Ashraf Suppression Committee in the Iraqi Prime Ministry, upon coordination with Danaifar, Tehran’s ambassador in Iraq. It should be noted that Sadeq Muhammad Kazem is under prosecution by the Spanish National Court. These three agents were handed to al-Askari to appear before Iraq’s state-television and then be returned to the mullahs’ embassy.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 29, 2011

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