Mullahs’ judiciary targets Ahmadinejad aid on corruption charges

In a sign of rising tensions and deepening rifts within the Iranian regime, the spokesman for the mullahs’ judiciary has pointed to allegations on financial corruption committed by an ally of Iranian regime President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Gholamhossein Ejei, the spokesman for the regime’s judiciary, said at a press conference on Monday that “there are charges laid against the First Vice President,” referring to Mohammad-Reza Rahimi.

Several months ago, in the midst of growing divisions within the weakening clerical regime, it was revealed that Rahimi was the ringleader of a network of fraudsters who had pocketed astronomical profits.

According to the state-run ILNA news agency, Ejei also tried to temper the mood by saying, “But, there should be an investigation into these allegations so we can determine whether or not Rahimi can be vindicated.”



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