Mother of two executed political prisoners: Hold your heads high and die with open eyes

Authorities didn’t even respect their last wish of hugging their mother

The mother of Fathi brothers, two political prisoners who were accused by the ruling dictatorship of “Moharebeh” or “war against God” and were executed yesterday, said in a message: When during the last visit I was facing my two sons, I told them to keeps their heads high and die with open eyes and look into the eyes of the henchman who is placing the noose around your neck, according to Iran-Khabar.

Mrs. Mahvash Alasvandi added: If my sons died once, the murderers, torturers, and those in charge of this case will die a hundred times everyday; they will not ever be at peace again, especially, Rahimi, Bahrami, Colonel Hoseinzadeh, and Isfahan’s prosecutor Habibollahi, Iran-Khabar said on May 17.

She addressed the regime’s henchmen who prevented a last farewell of a mother and her sons and said: “My sons asked for their handcuffs to be removed momentarily [they were still in shackles] to give me a final hug. The authorities said: No! Where in the world the last wish of a condemned person is not respected? My son said he wanted to hug his mother, and to remove his handcuff. The authorities didn’t do it and said: ‘No! That’s the law.’ I told my sons, wow! Look and see what a law-obeying government we have! I told my sons I will embrace you instead and I will hug you as I have done so since your childhood.”

In her message, the mourning mother said: “After they murdered my sons and the ambulance that was carrying their bodies was about to leave, fully armed guards were terrified by the unarmed youths and people who had gathered there and were only weeping and crying. Fear was obviously seen in their eyes. I ask you to light candles in memory of my sons, and let’s hope for a world where there will be no prison. Let’s hope that there will be no executions anywhere in the world.”

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