More “Firm and speedy” executions prescribed by Iranian regime for “stability”

The head of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Court has called for more hangings at a faster rate, according to the state-run Fars news agency on Wednesday.

According to Fars, Ahmad Mohseni Gorgani added that more executions will ultimately bring more stability and security for the regime.

“If offenders in society are not hanged, instability will increase. The hangings will cause stability and security in society.”

He said the “firmness” displayed by the regime’s judiciary chief, Sadeq Larijani, regarding “offenders, traitors, and criminals has created contentment in society.”

Gorgani suggested that global condemnations of the regime’s rights record arise from “negative propaganda on the death sentence,” adding, “An important part of the society’s security lies with the judiciary and in view of the fact that the sentences are issued on the basis of Islamic laws, everyone must defer to them and the rulings must be implemented with firmness and speed.”

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