MOIS agents, with help from forces under Maliki’s command, tear Ashraf’s southern protecting perimeter fence to infiltrate the camp

Last night, after darkness, agents of the MOIS and the terrorist Qods force, with assistance from Iraqi forces under Maliki’s command, tore a section of Ashraf’s southern fence. They were planning to infiltrate the camp taking advantage of very poor visibility of a dusty night. As soon as Ashraf residents learned of the torn fence, they immediately repaired it.

Iraqi forces have complete control over Ashraf’s perimeter fence which is under their direct watch. In a similar act, on January 23, 2011, MOIS agents opened a section of Ashraf’s perimeter fence to infiltrate the camp. Their plot was foiled through Ashraf residents’ alertness.

It is now thirteen months that MOIS agents, with thorough assistance from Maliki’s government, are stationed at Ashraf’s perimeter. They use 210 loudspeakers to psychologically torture the residents day and night. In addition to this psychological torture, MOIS agents resort to actions such as tearing Ashraf’s fence to infiltrate the camp, gathering information and reporting on the conditions inside the camp through continuously taking videos of the camp from towers they have installed around Ashraf, and making preparations for terrorist operations.

, while once again emphasizing that the Iraqi forces have no competence whatsoever to protect Ashraf’s residents and in fact themselves collaborate with residents’ murderers, iterates on the responsibility of the United Nations and the United States to protect Ashraf’s residents. The Iranian Resistance requests a stationing of a permanent UN monitoring team inside Ashraf and the protection of this team by US forces.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 4, 2011

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