Mohammad Hossein Barzmehri, another PMOI member and resident of Liberty, passed away due to lack of basic medical facilities

Preventing transfer of the residents’ basic medical supplies despite repeated requests from the Iraqi government, the United Nations and the Untied States

Missile attack on Liberty – No. 35

This morning, Saturday April 13, 2013, Mohammad Hossein Barzmehri, Eng., a resident of Liberty, passed away in the Iraqi clinic. He suddenly fainted at 7:45 AM and was immediately taken by his friends to the Iraqi clinic of the camp.

The clinic was not at all prepared at the time. The generator was turned off, and none of the electrical appliances worked. Residents were quick to turn on the generator and took the patient to the emergency room. But at the clinic ambobag, airway, electric shock and suction devices and other necessities did not exist. They took the electric shock and suction devices of the ambulance of the clinic to the emergency room, but they did not work either. Finally, the patient died while minimum medical procedures had not been performed on him. Iraqi clinic physician has stated stroke was the cause of death. PMOI physicians in Liberty believe the cause of his death was similar to Bardia Mostofian, essentially due to stress and extraordinary pressures in Liberty, particularly because after the missile attack he has been on the side of Hamid Rabie until his martyrdom for 34 days round the clock in order to save him, but because the negligence of Kobler and his wife, the German Ambassador to Iraq, they did not transfer him to Germany where he had permanent residency.
Mohammad Hossein Barzmehri, 61, a civil engineer graduate of the Washington DC University of the United States, spent nearly 30 years in the ranks of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran to fight for the freedom of the Iranian people.He is a thirteenth PMOI member to have died due to medical siege and blocking residents’ access to medical services. Prior to him, Mansour Koufe’i, passed away on Tuesday March 13, 2013, due to lack of minimum facilities in the Iraqi clinic. Behrouz Rahimian was martyred on December 24, 2012, due to medical negligence. During missile attack on Liberty on February 9, the Iraqi clinic did not have any reaction. Mehdi Abed who was wounded in the attack, was martyred on his way to hospital in the absence of basic necessities and two and a half hours delay in the transportation.
The National Council of Resistance in its statement of March 15, 2013 said: “On the one hand, Liberty residents are denied minimum medical facilities which they had in their own clinic at Ashraf  and the GOI prevents their transfer to Liberty, and on the other, the Iraqi clinic in Liberty lacks minimum necessities and preliminary equipment needed to take care of emergency cases, and the residents have no free access to medical services.
This clinic does not have suction apparatus, airway tube, laryngoscope set and endotracheal tube, D.C shock device, Adrenalin and Zantac injection, IVG-tube, CV Linen set and many other requirements that could be found in any small clinic.”
On March 26, the representative of the residents of the camp in the meeting with camp management with the presence of UNAMI representatives and the representative of the prime minister’s office reiterated the lack of basic medical equipment. The representative of the Iraqi government, after receiving list of shortages, said the health ministry would provide them. Residents on April 1 once again sent list of shortages of the emergency room to UNAMI and continuously followed up but to date no action has been taken.
Kobler deceitfully tried to portray the Iraqi clinic a well-equipped medical center. UNAMI under him in an entirely false report in December of last year wrote: “There is a medical facility with an Iraqi physician at Camp Liberty. Ambulances are on alert around the clock..”
On February 6, Kobler impudently wrote in his letter, “Sometimes liberty residents are not aware of the medical support offered by the Iraqi clinic. … Residents think that the government of Iraq restricts the medical service. … I would like to request you to arrange that every resident well informed about the Iraqi medical facilities and the provided services in the camp, should they choose to go.”
Considering the medical situation at Liberty and high air pollution due to infrastructure conditions, viral fever and eye infection epidemic is on the rise and the number of patients with viral fever has reached 900 and those with eye infection are 450.
The Iranian resistance emphasizes that oppressive imposed siege on Liberty residents is a prime example of crimes against humanity that their perpetrators and facilitators have to stand trial for, and calls on the United States and the United Nations for urgent action to end inhumane medical siege in Liberty and freedom of the transfer of medical equipment from Ashraf to Liberty and residents’ free access to medical services in Iraq at their own cost.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 13, 2013

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