Mobs of State Security Forces brutally suppress protesters

Feb. 14 –Demonstration – No.7

In Tehran’s Enqelab (Revolution) Sq. a member of the para-militia Bassij force ran down a female protester with his motorcycle. After being beaten up by people, he attacked an old person in another scene. The furious protesters chanted “Death to dictator”, “death to Khamenei”, “death to the Bassij”, “Mubarak, Bin Ali, and now Seyyed Ali (Khamenei)”. State Security Forces used pepper and tear gas on people. Agents on motorcycles arrested people and took them away.

In Jeihoun, Kamil and Roudaki Roads, angry protesters bravely stood against herds of suppressive forces and set all trash canisters in these roads on fire. During their clashes, demonstrators in Hashemi Road chanted “Khamenei, Mubarak, congratulations on your union”.

8 young women were arrested around Ferdousi Sq.

At 8 p.m., fierce clashes continued between protesters and State Security agents in roads leading to Azadi (Freedom) Sq. Despite widespread arrests and many protesters being injured, the people of Tehran continued to demonstrate and protest after nightfall.

In Kermanshah, western Iran, a large of number of protesters were arrested.

In Shiraz, sounds of shots being fired were heard in Arm and Namazi Roads and also Setad Square. According to eyewitness reports, suppressive forces confronted the protesters with shots fired into the air and even direct shots at the demonstrators.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
14 February 2011

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