Mesal al-Alousi called for investigation of crimes against humanity at Camp Ashraf

What happens at Camp Ashraf to which Ashraf residents are exposed, is what the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and paramilitary forces under its cover are perpetrating.

I, Mesal al-Alousi, General Secretary of Ummah (Nation) Party of Iraq for a practical investigation of events of April 8, 2011 that Camp Ashraf residents were exposed to, and the truth must be revealed to everyone in order to clarify Iranian regime’s role in crimes committed against Ashraf residents, because Iranian regime has a direct hand in the Iraqi executive branch and what has happened, is from an international perspective, a massacre.

Iranian regime must answer for what has happened at Camp Ashraf.

Carrying out such actions by the Iranian regime outside its borders is a disaster and violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

The international community and the European Union must initiate an investigation about Iranian regime’s role in targeting Ashraf residents. Iranian regime continually interferes in the Iraq’s affairs by bombing the Iraqi Kurdish villages and disrupting and poisoning the Arvand River’s waters.

The very same entities that suppress Iranian people’s uprisings and carry out executions in Iran, target Ashraf residents.

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