Mayam Rajavi sends condolences to Bushehr earthquake victims, calls on Iranians to help them

NCRI – Following an earthquake in the towns of Borazjan and Dashestan near the city of Bushehr located in southern Iran, which led to many people being killed, wounded and left without any shelter, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance expressed her condolences to the grieving families and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded.

She called on all the Iranian people, especially the youth, in neighboring provinces to rush to the support of the wounded and those left homeless. Independent aid in such critical conditions is key, especially considering the mullahs’ delay in providing aid, plundering people’s voluntary support and its hideous efforts aimed at announcing the amount of damage as very limited.

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated, “The scope of damage caused by the 5.7 Richter Bushehr quake is much higher due to the people’s extreme poverty, the weak construction of homes in this area and the lack of emergency care systems, all leaving our compatriots defenseless in the face of continuous earthquakes. This is the result of the mullah’s devious plundering policies, allocating the major portion of the country’s wealth to its machine of suppression, terror, exporting terrorism and fundamentalism, and building nuclear weapons.”

People in the town of Ghasr-e Shirin in Kermanshah Province, located west of Iran, who lost their homes to an earthquake a few days ago, in the freezing winter cold have yet to enjoy even minimum aid such as tents. As a result, the angry people of this town have staged protests in recent days, leading to clashes with repressive forces and raiding the Red Crescent building, which is actually one of the regime’s centers of plundering.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 29, 2013

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