Mass protest by Iranian exiles – Assistance from Germany

DPA 19 June  – The Iranian opposition has called for more support from the international community. In France there was a large rally over the weekend held by Iranian exiles. Ex-Bundestag President Rita Suessmuth attended the event as a guest speaker.

PARIS (dpa) – Tens of thousands of Iranian exiles have demanded at a rally on Saturday in Paris for the international protection of refugees in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

They called for the protection of the United Nations, the United States and the European Union for the 3400 Iranian opposition members against further attacks by Iraqi security forces. Moreover, it is imperative to exert more pressure on the regime in Iran, they said.

They were supported by Iranian exiles, among others, the long-standing German Bundestag President Rita Suessmuth and New York’s ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Suessmuth said: “The Iranian people are suffering. We would
be guilty if we do not support this fight for freedom.” In Iran it is not just the issue of the nuclear program, but also the issue of serious human rights abuses, said the 74-year-old CDU politician.

The background of the big rally was primarily an Iraqi military operation in Camp Ashraf in early April. Nearly three dozen people were killed and around 300 wounded. The attack was carried out on behalf of the Iranian regime, said opposition leader Maryam Rajavi.

The aim was to weaken the freedom movement.

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