Mass execution of 10 prisoners in Gohardasht prison

International call by Maryam Rajavi

In a horrible crime, the clerical regime hanged 10 prisoners in Gohardasht prison on Wednesday, January 19. The day before, another prisoner was hanged in Zarand prison in Kerman province. Thereby the number of executions during past month reached 87.

Carrying out the ruthless punishment of amputating hands of two prisoners in Mashhad is among the regime’s other crimes committed in the past few days. Mashhad’s City Prosecutor announced this news saying the regime’s “Amnesty Commission”! has approved the verdict of amputation for two other prisoners and these verdicts will be carried out soon. (Khorassan daily, 15 January 2011)

Reiterating that brutal executions are vain endeavors of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader to avert the explosion of Iranian people’s anger and to create fear and intimidation in the society, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said silence and inaction has emboldened the regime to continue and intensify its crimes. She added that the antihuman regime of mullahs must be expelled from the world community and comprehensive sanctions must be imposed on it primarily because of grave and systematic violation of human rights, torture and execution in a level that is unprecedented in the current century.

Mrs. Rajavi called on the United Nations Secretary General, the UN Security Council, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other relevant UN bodies, and all human rights advocates in addition to the European Union and the United States to adopt urgent measures to stop the growing trend of executions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 19, 2011

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