Maryam Rajavi welcomes 57th resolution adopted by UN bodies condemning rights violations in Iran

She called on world community to reject the Iranian regime

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, welcomed adoption of a resolution by the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on “serious and persistent violation of human rights” in Iran and said: this resolution that only covers small part of horrendous crimes committed by the mullahs against the Iranian people, well proves that a decisive policy is needed more than ever against the religious fascism ruling Iran.

She added: In addition to brutal violation of human rights for more than three decades, the mullahs continue to execute children of the Iranian people in groups of ten on these very days under the excuse of ‘providing security’ to save their dark rule. Lawyers, intellectuals, artists, journalists and a great number of women and students are being destroyed in prisons.

Talking of human rights under the rule of velayat-e faqih is in vain. By implementing the anti-popular plan of ‘cutting subsidies’, the predatory mullahs are planning, on these very days, to deprive millions of Iranians from their right to living and enjoying the basic life necessities.

Mrs. Rajavi said: The clerical regime does not deserve to be among the family of the nations and must be rejected. The regime has targeted world security, peace and stability, particularly in the Middle East and Iraq. The revelation of thousands of documents on the regime’s crimes in Iraq endorses this fact.

The President-elect of the Resistance said that the only way to deal with this regime is to adopt a firm policy and impose comprehensive political, economic, oil and technological sanctions against it. Any delay or disruption in these areas, wittingly or unwittingly, would endanger peace in the region and the whole world on the one hand and help the regime in killing and suppression of Iranian people on the other.

The latest resolution by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on Iran was ratified while since several months ago, the clerical regime in Tehran, Geneva, New York, and other capitals, directly and through using other violators of human rights as intermediaries and by resorting to intimidation and offering incentives had been trying to prevent the adoption of this resolution that was the 57th censure resolution of the UN on Iranian regime’s abuses.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 22, 2010

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