Maryam Rajavi: The assassination plot of Saudi Ambassador in U.S. is a new stage in export of mullahs’ regime terrorism

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described the plot by Iranian regime’s Quds Force to assassinate Saudi Ambassador and to explode foreign embassies in the United States as a new stage of export of terrorism by this regime and a blatant declaration of war against international conventions and the world community.

Mrs. Rajavi stated: “This criminal plot, ordered by Khamenei, indicates the anxiety and bewilderment of the clerical regime in its final stage. In his speech of October 1st, Khamenei had threatened countries in the region with missile attacks. Engulfed by the explosive state of the Iranian society and the sweeping regional uprisings, and fearful of the looming downfall of the Syrian dictator, the clerical regime has found no recourse but to resort to its classic weapon of terrorism.”

Previously, in August of 2011, in a meeting of a group of regime’s terrorists entitled Fighters of Holy Defense, Azghadi, a theoretician of the clerical regime and a close acquaintance of Khamenei had openly declared: “Like in the past where we had brigades dispatched to the western and southern fronts, today, our forces should go to Northern Africa, Eastern Asia, and the heart of Europe. We should prepare ourselves for global operations… our people are now present in all five continents and are everywhere fighting against arrogance [U.S.]… we should instigate a global Jihad and we shouldn’t fear anyone.”

Mrs. Rajavi reminded: “While the clerical regime is covertly carrying on with its bombings and terrorist crimes, to distract, its President blames U.S. itself for the September 11, 2001 catastrophe. Likewise, it alleges that the PMOI has conducted terrorist operations in Karbala and it injects the U.S. State Department with bogus evidence to maintain the discredited and illegitimate listing of the PMOI. Ten years ago, while it was alleging that the PMOI is hiding Iraq’s factitious weapons of mass destruction, it itself was advancing its secret nuclear weapons’ project that was revealed to the world by the Iranian Resistance.”

Mrs. Rajavi pointed out: “Planning for a terrorist attack in Washington DC proves this very fact that the policy of appeasement and making concessions to the Iranian regime, or any attempt to soften it would only embolden it. By the same token, the terrorist labeling of the PMOI and thereby participating in suppression of the Iranian resistance for curry favor to the religious and terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran has been the biggest deviance from battle on terrorism and has  more emboldened this regime in exporting terrorism and fundamentalism. “

She added: “Firmness is the only correct policy toward this regime. The West’s policy, which has so far been opening the way for this regime and participation in suppression of the Iranian Resistance, must change completely. So long is this regime in power, it will not abandon export of terrorism and fundamentalism. The only way to confront it is through a firm policy, including oil sanction, referring its dossier of terrorism and violation of human rights to the Security Council, and recognizing the right of Iranian people and Resistance for regime change.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 12, 2011

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