Maryam Rajavi Speech at the European Parliament on 25 May, 2011

Dr. Alejo Vidal Quadras,
Vice President of the European Parliament,
Distinguished representatives
and distinguished guests from the United States,

Dear Friends,
First I would like to welcome the decision by the Council of Ministers on Monday to work with the UN and US to find a lasting solution for the humanitarian crisis in Ashraf.

Forty-eight days after the massacre on April 8, 42 of the wounded remain in critical condition.

Despite the demand by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, there is yet to be an investigation about this tragedy.

In order to resolve this crisis, the first step is providing protection for residents of Ashraf.

The Iranian Resistance is prepared as always to lend any cooperation to resolve this issue.

We welcome the plan presented by the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Iraq.

The European Parliament initiative also underscores that, immediate security of the residents is the absolute requirement of a viable and peaceful solution. To avoid another tragedy the EU should in conjunction with the US and the UN take immediate measures to protect the residents of Ashraf.

Under the circumstances, I warn that any forcible relocation is a prelude to massacre the residents.

And I warn in advance that the international community and the US would be responsible for its consequences.

The practical effect of relocation of the residents inside Iraq is further isolation of the residents, cutting off their communication and shall lead to their elimination away from international monitoring.

In light of the Council of Ministers’ discussion on Monday I ask Baroness Ashton to take all necessary measures to implement the plan proposed by the European Parliament.

I also call on her to urge the UN to station a monitoring team in Ashraf and make the necessary arrangements in this regard to avert another massacre.

The European Union and Baroness Ashton have the power and the means to do that.

Especially based on the principal of Responsibility to protect (R2P), which is currently being used in Libya and Ivory Coast, to protect civilians.

I also ask the US, which had signed an agreement with each resident to protect them, to respect its obligations and undertake the necessary steps to guarantee the protection of the residents.

To ensure success for the European Parliament plan, I urge the US, the EU and the UN
to undertake the following urgent steps:

1. Guaranteeing the protection of the residents until a final solution is found. It means all of the other to the third country.

2. Undertaking the necessary steps to end the suppression of Ashraf residents, including the withdrawal of Iraqi military forces from the Camp, removing the loudspeakers and ending threats to murder the residents;

3. Ensure that the residents of Ashraf would not be relocated forcibly;

4. Recognize the legal status of the residents of Ashraf in accordance with international humanitarian law, human rights law and especially the 4th Geneva Convention.

Dear Friends,
The situation in Ashraf is part of the crisis in Iran.
Growing public discontent has intensified infighting within the regime.

Khamanei’s authority has been undermined and the regime has been weakened.

Therefore, in order to counter this situation mullahs have stepped up suppression and executions inside Iran.

They are also intensifying their efforts to eliminate the democratic alternative to their regime, hoping that in the absence of an alternative, the current crisis will not lead to the downfall of the regime.

The April 8 attack must be analyzed within this context.

Given the circumstances, Iranian people expect more from Europe.

We welcome the decision by the European Council of Ministers to add a number of individuals and companies to the sanctions list, but this is not enough.

It is time to stop purchasing oil from this regime.

It is not time to start a new round of useless negotiations with the mullahs.

It is time to adopt a firm position and recognize the Iranian opposition.

Thank you all very much.

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