Maryam Rajavi speaks to residents of Val d’Oise provice, northern Paris, in New Year celebration

In a New Year celebration held in Auvers-sur-Oise on Sunday, Janauray 9, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, addressed the residents of Val d’Oise province on the north of Paris on the situation in Iran and the state of the Iranian Resistance, particularly in Ashraf. Text of her speech follows: 
Distinguished mayors, members of the City Council,

Dear Val d’Oisians, and all of our friends who have come here from different parts of France,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me first of all to offer my heartfelt congratulations on the advent of 2011.I wish all of you a year abound in happiness and success.I also wish your nation, France, a year of progress and prosperity. I am delighted to be among you, friends and unrelenting supporters of the Iranian Resistance, in the early days of the New Year.
I witnessed your contributions to Resistance all along 2010.

In each and every one of you, and in your efforts to help the Resistance movement, I have seen France’s genuine values. I have seen the very human fraternity and solidarity which are the essence of renewal, celebration and happiness.

Last year, as in previous years, you stood by the Resistance in every step of the way: in the hardships and in the advancements, in the joy, in demonstrations, and in the grief over those executed. You were with us everywhere and on every occasion.

You, five thousand mayor across France, and your elected representatives in the National Assembly and the Senate, voiced support for the Resistance.

These expressions of support enabled us to convey the cries of the Iranian people and those in Ashraf everywhere.

Between Christmas and the New Year, Ashraf achieved a great victory: the judgment by the National Court in Spain, which underscored the status of the residents of Ashraf as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, declaring that the assault on Ashraf on July 2009 was a war crime and against the international community. Accordingly, the Court in Spain ordered the commander of the attacking force to face trial. The mullahs reacted to this great victory of justice.
They attacked Ashraf with their paid agents. They threw stones and Molotov Cocktails that injured 176 residents of Ashraf including 91 women. They showed how frightened they are of the advances of the Resistance.

Today, I call on you for an international campaign to end the psychological torture of Ashraf residents, day and night, through 180 loud speakers threatening them with mass murder.
Also I call on you to dismantle the committee in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office which is charged with suppression of Ashraf and is responsible for these crimes and its only duty is to attack, intimidate and massacre the residents.

I invite you to join an international campaign to end violation of human rights in Iran and to stop the executions.The regime’s leaders assumed that they can crush the uprising at its roots through torture and rape in prisons and by issuing death sentences.

The students and the Iranian people on December 7 and on Ashura on Dec. 17, respectively, demonstrated that they will not retreat from demanding freedom and the overthrow of the mullahs.

Dear Friends,

The road we have come thus far, since 17 June 2003, has been a tortuous, yet magnificent one.Then, the regime and its accomplices believed that though collusion they can extinguish the flames of the Resistance. Today, however, they are facing an extensive international campaign in defense of the righteousness and legitimacy of the Iranian Resistance movement. And you are leading this campaign. Without doubt, times have changed to the detriment of the mullahs and in favor of the Resistance.

Today, all the labels of terrorism and cult, lies and demonization campaigns against the resistance have been discredited.

Eight judgments in UK, EU and US courts have demonstrated that these allegations were without foundation. Moreover, the Iranian people make clear through their uprisings that no hope should be pinned on the illusion of moderation within the ruling regime; they said this regime must fundamentally change.For years, we exposed the inhuman nature of the ruling mullahs. Now, it has become common knowledge that no amount of dissuasion would convince the mullahs to stop their savageries.

So, why are they still appeasing this regime? Without appeasement, could the regime have committed so many crimes?
Could they continue their nuclear program?
If Western governments would have made their political and economic ties with the regime conditional on a halt in suppression in Iran, the Iraqi proxies of the religious fascism ruling Iran could not put Camp Ashraf under an inhuman siege and the regime would be obliged to comply with the desire of the international community.

Fortunately, neither suppressions nor the pressures on Camp Ashraf dampened the resolve of Iran’s youths and the courageous men and women in Ashraf. To the contrary, it made them more resolute in their Resistance.

Even during the New Year celebrations, the world was witness to the terrorism of the fundamentalists ruling Iran, which claimed many lives in Christian communities in the Middle East, in particular in Egypt and Iraq, where people were praying in churches. We offer our condolences to the families of the victims.

Dear Friends,

Fortunately, today many in the world confirm the view of the Resistance that change in Iran is inevitable.

Nuclear talks of western countries with the mullahs regime have failed.
But western governments want to negotiate once again.
But there is no need to prove that this time it will fail again and mullahs can one more time buy time. In the face of a nuclear-armed religious theocracy, the world is getting closer to realizing what the fundamental solution has to be: democratic change by the Iranian people and Resistance.

This is why one must protect Ashraf residents because it is the heart of the resistance against the mullahs’ regime. Now an international court in Europe has emphatically said that the residents of Ashraf enjoy protected persons status under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Therefore, the United States and the United Nations must station a permanent monitoring team in Ashraf.The Iraqi government must be compelled to end the inhumane siege of Ashraf and recognize the rights of Ashraf residents.

Dear friends,

The year that passed gives us hope for a speedy realization of these objectives; A nuclear-free and peaceful Iran based on democracy, human rights, gender equality, separation of church and state and respect for all religions. These tasks and ultimately the liberation of the Iranian people from the clutches of the mullahs will become reality through the steadfastness of those in Ashraf and the support of each and every Iranian and you, in solidarity with the Iranian people.

The secret to all this resoluteness and victories is nothing but the fact that we have always relied on human values, which each of your represent. The radiance of this jewel and this human value is becoming ever more apparent.

I again congratulate you on the coming of the New Year and extend my gratitude, that of the residents of Ashraf and the Iranian people.

Thank you all very much


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