Maryam Rajavi on Italian TV: A solution requires humanitarian protection of Camp Ashraf

Second  Italian Channel, July 6 – Report by Mario Lana Rossi

The situation of Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf is the most tragic and now their leader is in Rome for meetings.

These are the residents of Camp Ashraf, an Iranian refugee city in Iraq.  More than 3500opponents of Tehran who lead the fight against it tirelessly.  The constant repression that they are subjected to by the Iraqi forces cost them 35 deaths and 320 injured during the last attack on April 8.

Today in Rome, we met with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the leader of Iranian Resistance.

Maryam Rajavi: “They live in extremely difficult conditions.  Those who are injured cannot even go to the hospital.  We have repeatedly asked for help from the UN.  We’ve asked the European Union and the United States for a humanitarian solution; to help transfer the residents to a third country.

Currently we ask for the UN monitoring team to go to Ashraf and ask the United states and the European Union to provide their protection.”

The attack on April 8 is the last of the attacks on Camp Ashraf, which is a community that has become the only hope for the Iranian people’s resistance against the mullahs’ regime.

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