Maryam Rajavi is asking the United Nations to protect Camp Ashraf

Tribune de Genève– August 8, 2011
Chanting and organized, the supporters of the Mujahedin welcomed their leader to Geneva’s Square of Nations while chorally singing, “Ashraf, the courageous lion of the East.” The leader who is popularly called “the Shining Sun “in her first trip to Switzerland thanked those in sit-in strike who have spent over 100 days in front of the United Nations Headquarters asking for Camp Ashraf’s protection based on fourth Geneva Convention.

The residents of Ashraf are under permanent siege by Iraqi forces. They are facing the brutal enmity of Iraq’s government and are under pressure and suppression from Tehran’s regime.

“For three years we have been warning you,” Maryam Rajavi strongly emphasized in her speech.     “Many attacks and killings have occurred in the camp, the last of which took a toll of 36 lives and 350 wounded on April 8. The United Nations and the United States must take on their responsibility vis-à-vis Ashraf and guarantee the protection of its residents,” she added.

The cause of Ashraf has been supported by Swiss parliamentarians, some of whom were attending the same speech.

Maryam Rajavi, in her campaign for support of Ashraf as a symbol of resistance vis-à-vis “religious fascism ruling Iran” has garnered the endorsement of 4000 parliamentarians on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and the majority of the Swiss Parliament. What she wants is “Ashraf’s protection by the forces of the United Nations and independent investigation about the April 8 attack and the trial of those in charge of the crime.
In Geneva, she also reiterated her agreement with the European plan to transfer the residents of Ashraf to third countries.

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