Maryam Rajavi: Iraqi forces should leave Ashraf and US and UN should take the responsibility for protection of Ashraf

Ashraf military occupation – No. 43

In a commemoration ceremony in Auvers-sur-Oise to remember slain residents of Ashraf, on Monday, April 11, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance while hailing the slain and wounded in the criminal attack on the camp on April 8 said: “The attack on Ashraf began at the early hours of Sunday, April 3 with the raid of mechanized and ground forces and special operations battalions of the Iraqi army and has continued for the past 9 days.  With the exception of one of the battalions, the other suppressive forces are still inside or on the perimeter of Ashraf in their positions. The criminal, Lieutenant General Ali Gheydan, the commander of Iraqi ground forces personally commanded the operation against Ashraf. Al-Maleki removed a major General from the operation center of Diayeli province yesterday since the General had not dealt violent enough with Ashraf residents.

Mrs. Rajavi elaborated “Friday, April 8, in early hours, BMP-1 armored personnel carriers, machine guns, snipers kept hitting Ashraf very intensely for more than six hours. The BMP1 armored personnel carriers kept firing with their guns. As a result, 34 Ashraf residents were slain, 300 wounded, 180 of them were target of direct gunfire, six Ashraf residents were taken hostage and extensive amount of belongings of the residents were either plundered or destroyed.”

The President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran reiterated “Subsequent to heavy bombardment and continuous firing at the camp I requested immediate medical assistance from the US President and the Secretary of State. But in practice, due to personal opposition and obstruction of al-maleki that stems from his criminal and anti-human attitude that Khamenei had dictated him, a number of victims lost their lives. Last night the US helicopters transferred seven of the wounded who were in serious condition.”

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that the U.S. due to international commitments and agreements  signed with every individual resident and according to the universal principle of responsibility of protection   R TP, to protect the world and has had responsibility for Ashraf residents and Due to repeated calls and warnings of the Iranian resistance should have prevented criminal Maliki from attacking Ashraf. But they did not act according to their commitments and now U.S. president personally and clearly should condemn the slaughter of Ashraf residents which by any criterion, is a war crime and a crime against humanity, and condemn the repressive and fascist policies of   Maliki. Failure to do so will embolden Iraq’s current government to commit more atrocities.
Iranian resistance president elect, said less than 24 hours after the attack on Ashraf, the clerical regime through its foreign minister formally thanked and praised Maliki for committing the atrocity on Ashraf. International news agencies wrote: “The Iranian regime is the only voice supporting the suppression of residents against a chorus of international protest.”

Maliki owes his office to the money, terror and intimidation that is pumped from Tehran to Iraq.   Maliki is the political and ideological adopted son to Khamenei. Thus, in implementing his orders he will not hesitate to commit any crime.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized: The events of April 8th from beginning to end, is evidence of crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against the international community.

The attack of armored units on refugee Camp where “Protected Persons” under Fourth Geneva Conventions are stationed is a “Crime against International Community”.

Aiming a gun at the head and heart of Ashraf residents and shooting at them is a “War Crime”.
Driving over people on foot on purpose and squashing them under vehicles is a “Crime against Humanity”.
Shelling and bombing of residential zones is a “War Crime”.

Preventing the injured to reach hospital is “Crime against Humanity”.

All the bloodshed was directly and without any mediator ordered by new Iraq’s dictator.
It is the responsibility of the United Nations Security Council to refer the case to the International Criminal Court (ICC) so this court can issued his international arrest warrant.

Mrs. Rajavi calls upon the international community for the following urgent actions:

1- Provision and guarantee of the protection of Ashraf by the United Nations and the United States, which collected weapons from the Mujahedin in Ashraf and in agreement with each of them, committed to their protection until the final outcome.

2- Immediate release of the six wounded hostages who are currently in hunger strike

3- Opening Ashraf’s gates to United Nations, lawyers, Parliamentarians, and journalists and designation of an international truth finding delegation and investigation about the attack by Iraqi infantry army on Ashraf under the command of the commander of the army by the United Nations Security Council

4- Removing the aggressing and oppressive Iraqi forces from Iraq

5- Cancelation of the 28 months long inhuman blockade and collection of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence circus at the gates with 240 loudspeakers setup to torture the Ashraf Mujahedin

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2011


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