Maryam Rajavi: Iranian regime is godfather of terrorism in the region

English translation of an article published in Al-Seyassah Kuwaiti daily, 26 September 2014:

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi said confronting religious fundamentalism is impossible without dealing decisively with Iran

The remarks were raised at a press conference on Thursday evening ahead of a conference of the Resistance of Iran, attended by French political figures and human rights activists, on the occasion of the verdict of the French judiciary last week to close the case against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) dropping the charges against it.

Referring to the raid of 1,300 police on the offices of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the homes of the families of martyrs on June 17, 2003, under the pretext of terrorism and illegal financing, Mrs Rajavi said that the French judiciary now recognizes the People’s Mojahedin Organization as a legitimate resistance and a terrorist group.

She explained that this attack was planned two months ahead in order to eliminate the Iranian Resistance, adding that, ‘a huge commercial contract between the Iranian regime and France was signed in May 2003 following this attack’.

She said this case diverted the attention of the French government from combating terrorism, and instead of confronting a regime for the past three decades has been sowing the seeds of ISIS and terrorism, it was eradicating the regime’s opposition, the PMOI.

She stressed that this erroneous policy paved the way for the religious fundamentalism that is now also recruiting young French people.

Mrs Rajavi said: “Confronting fundamentalism will never yield a favorable result without the firm and rigorous handling of the Iranian regime”.

She noted that the time has come to act decisively to dismantle the Iranian regime’s network of agents and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ front companies in France and Europe.

She said: “The emergence and growth of fundamentalist and extremist groups such as ISIS is the result of a long-term appeasement policy towards the godfather of ISIS, the Iranian regime.”

She welcomed the French initiative to deal with the crisis in Iraq and to confront ISIS, warning those who insist on the involvement of the Iranian regime that: “This inflames the sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites, and intensifies the hegemony of Tehran over Iraq instead of containing the crisis in the country.”

Mrs Rajavi called on the French government to lead the humanitarian initiative to ensure the security and safety of People’s Mojahedin in Camp Liberty until all of them are taken out of Iraq.

She urged the French government to support the lifting the inhumane siege imposed on Camp Liberty.

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