Maryam Rajavi express her best wishes at the beginning of Ramadan

I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all my compatriots in Iran and abroad and to Moslems around the world who have begun their first day of Ramadan; those brave protesters in their plight in Syrian, Libya, Yemen and Iraq and Iranian political prisoners and their families, who are bravely persevering moments for a free Iran.

Ramadan ; the month of revelation of the Qur’an, is a special month for genuine followers of the Prophet Mohammad who chose to reject the Iranian regime; the worst enemy of Islam, and support the Mojahidin which embody a tolerant one.

It is extremely sad that living conditions of the majority of the population in Iran has been battered as the result of plundering and corruption of the clerical regime. People’s living standards have plunged the majority of the Iranian people into poverty and they have minimum means to survive. I therefore I appeal to my compatriots to help families with no income, families of prisoners, orphans and destitute teenagers and children on the streets.

Ashraf embodies perseverance of a people who are adamant to strive for freedom. It is the flame that will never die until the promised victory of our people is realized against deceptive merchants of religion ruling Iran, who in turn embody hypocrisy, hatred and cruelty.
Ashraf the bastion of hope instead, advocates brotherhood and unity.

It is no coincidence that the mullahs and their allies in Iraq want to destroy or force to surrender the residents of Ashraf ; A fruitless effort that will only lead to their own downfall.

I appeal to all Muslims to help the residents of Ashraf and I pray to God for the endowment of hope and endeavor for my fellow compatriots in their strive to overthrow the most heinous religious fundamentalist regime in modern times .

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