Maryam Rajavi calls for international condemnation of aggression against Ashraf

She called for an end to psychological torture and closure of suppressive committee on Ashraf

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described yesterday’s criminal aggression of the Iranian regime’s henchmen, from Iraq and Iran, against Camp Ashraf as a sign of the regime’s growing fear of Ashraf. She added that the regime is executing political prisoners with utmost brutality in Iran on the one hand and constantly conspiring against Ashraf over the border on the other.

 She said: The attack on Friday, which left 176 Ashraf residents wounded, obstructing treatment of the wounded and their expulsion from hospital, killing in pain the terminally ill patients and the ongoing dirty psychological warfare by means of 180 loudspeakers installed around Ashraf are entirely in serious breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention. These crimes, according to the Statute of the International Criminal Court and the recent ruling of the Spanish National Court, are considered as war crimes and their perpetuators must be tried and punished.

The video clips and photographs taken from the scene clearly show the active and vicious collaboration of the Iraqi armed forces and the agents of the committee under the command of the office of Iraq’s Prime Minister in the criminal attacks of January 7 that took place immediately after a visit to Baghdad by mullahs’ foreign minister.

Mrs. Rajavi underscored that what transpired yesterday is a warning to the western governments that have resumed negotiations with the religious fascism ruling Iran. The clerical regime exploits the period between two rounds of negotiations for killing political prisoners and attacking Ashraf. The futile negotiations with this vicious regime have cost heavily for the Iranian people and will be costly in the future as well.

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that yesterday’s raid proved once again that resumption of Ashraf protection by the US and stationing a permanent UN monitoring team is an inevitable necessity. The United States, for its international obligation and its mutual agreement with every resident of Ashraf, has responsibility for any harm inflicted on Ashraf residents.

As a minimum necessary reaction, she urged the UN Secretary General, the Security Council and other pertinent UN bodies as well as EU and the US and all international human rights organizations to condemn the aggression on Ashraf on January 7.

Mrs. Rajavi once again called for an immediate end to psychological torture on Ashraf residents by 180 loudspeakers and abolishment of the illegal committee responsible for suppressing Ashraf in the Prime Minister’s office.  She added that this committee that is the main perpetrator of mullahs’ ominous plots against Ashraf must be dissolved and those in charge to be tried and brought to justice.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 8, 2011

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