Martin Kobler refuses to visit Camp Liberty for “security reasons”! .

Protest by residents of Liberty demanding to return to Ashraf
Martin Kobler is collaborating with the Iranian regime and Maliki to hide their murderous role in the attack

The Iranian Resistance will no longer meet with Martin Kobler, demands that he be replaced with an impartial UN representative

NCRI – On the afternoon of Saturday February 9, following the deadly attack on Camp Liberty, Martin Kobler appeared in the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees located about two kilometers (a little over a mile away from Camp Liberty) – and instead of going to the camp to see the destruction, the bodies of the killed residents, and the residents injured by the fatal attack, he asked the representatives of the residents to visit him at the office. The camp representatives insisted that Martin Kobler should come and see for himself and witness the results of the great crime against humanity committed against the camp residents which he had prepared the grounds for and facilitated. He refused to do so due to vague “security” reasons.  

The well guarded Martin Kobler who dared to have a 30 minutes presence in Camp Liberty, is the one who by deception and lying implemented the repressive policy of the Iranian regime and Maliki for forcible relocation of the residents from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty. Camp Liberty is 80 times smaller than Ashraf and houses some 3100 unarmed refugees cramped in temporary housing. 

Some 15 months of meetings and negotiations with Martin Kobler has resulted in more restrictions and suppression on the Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf and Camp liberty and the continuation of such meetings has proven fruitless. 

The Iranian resistance demands the UN Secretary General to assign an impartial representative to replace Martin Kobler. 

Martin Kobler issued a statement on Saturday afternoon, February 9 (the day of the attack) to whitewash the crimes of the  Iranian regime and Iraqi government that even failed to verbally denounce the attack against defenseless refugees. He only referred to the deadly attack with vague and unusual term of “mortar explosions” which he invented to hide the murderous role of the Iranian regime and Iraqi government in the crime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 9, 2013

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