Many arrested, injured and beaten in the uprising of 14 February

Feb. 14Uprising- No. 10

On Monday, 14 February, the faltering clerical regime widely arrested the protestors in fear of the expansion of the popular uprising and frightened by the enthusiastic youth. These suppressive acts extensively rose in the darkness of the night. In some areas the regime’s agents cut off the electricity and then attacked the people injuring and beating many.

Many of those who were arrested were taken in ambulances to unknown places.

At 2.50 a.m. on Tuesday, 15 February, the regime’s agents assaulted Sharif University’s student dormitory severely beating the students. At least 12 people were arrested and 7 seriously injured. All the injured people were wounded in their heads.
On the other hand, according to some sources in hospitals, 200 people faced serious breathing problems because of tear gas and were taken to hospital.

Iranian Resistance called upon the UN Secretary General, Security Council, European Union and the United States to take effective steps against the clerical regime and to adopt immediate measures to save the lives of those arrested.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
15 February 2011

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